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King and Queen of Spain attend launch of ‘Spain for Sure’ Campaign

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain
© Casa de S.M. el Rey

King Felipe and Queen Letizia attended the launch of a new economic and marketing campaign for Spain last week, Spain for Sure, to present a strong face of the country in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their Majesties attended the launch at the Prado Museum alongside the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation; the Minister of Industry; the Secretary of State for Global Spain; the President of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations; the President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce; and members of the Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands.

The Royal House notes that the campaign’s main purpose is to “remind the world that values ​​such as effort, resilience and, above all, reliability and security, have remained and will remain undisturbed despite the impact of the pandemic in our country. That Spain is a country that you can trust, a country that you can believe in, a safe country.”

King Felipe gave a speech at the event, saying, in part:

“We are going through very difficult times, hard times marked by pain and the fight against an invisible but often implacable enemy; and we are now facing crucial moments to recover, to continue fighting against COVID-19 and to overcome as soon as possible the economic and social effects derived from the pandemic. For this very reason, what brings us together tonight should fill us with hope for the future.

“The campaign we have just seen is much more than an advertisement. It is an expression of the energy and strength of our country. Spain, like many other countries, has suffered an unexpected and cruel blow, but has managed to face it with the best values that characterise our society, admirably demonstrated in these weeks by health professionals and many others in countless areas: commitment, dedication, generosity…

“Tonight, and in this campaign, we highlight another value of ours: the ability to overcome. The will to look forward affirming the vital, welcoming and open character of the Spanish. And doing it, in addition, united public institutions and companies. We are all determined to send the world a clear message of faith in ourselves and confidence in the strength of our economy and our society, in our future, ‘Spain for Sure,’ ‘Spain sure yes.’

“A country is always the result of the work and life history of each and every one of its citizens, of each and every one of the Spanish; of the memory of past generations that we all treasure, as well as the illusions we project for the future of those who will come after us.”

King Felipe ended his speech:

“I end these words with a renewed message of confidence in the future. Let us not ignore the difficulties and maintain the will for continuous improvement, to overcome them; And let us never forget that together—with realism and courage—we will know how to get ahead and put ourselves in the good place that we deserve as a nation.”

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