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Princess Marie says complaining about scrutiny is useless in new interview

Varde Kommune/CC/Flickr

Five months after moving to France for a year, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie gave an interview to French magazine Paris Match, discussing the couple’s work, as well as Prince Henrik and Princess Athena’s adaptation to their new life, and dealing with the exposure that comes with being a member of the Danish Royal Family.

When asked by the journalist how she was dealing with “being constantly observed, scrutinised and perhaps criticised, something Meghan Markle complained about”, Princess Marie said: “I make sure to expose myself only when necessary. Complaining is useless.”

She also explained that while she thinks her personality hasn’t changed since becoming a Princess, she simply shows certain aspects of her personality depending on the situation.

Princess Marie revealed that her eldest son, Prince Henrik “doesn’t like being called Prince Henrik any more than he likes being exposed” and that is why the children usually avoid social media.

Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, Prince Henrik, and Princess Athena will spend Christmas with the Queen and the Crown Prince Couple and their children in Marselisborg while Prince Joachim’s eldest sons (Princes Nikolai and Felix) will spend Christmas with their mother.

You can read the full interview in Paris Match.