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Crown Princess Mary goes back to university

Photo: OECD/Julien Daniel

Universities are opening back, and, in some countries, institutions have taken advantage of the break to renovate facilities or build new ones from scratch. 

That was the case for VIA University College in Horsens, Denmark, which opened a new campus with Crown Princess Mary serving as the guest of honour. 

Her Royal Highness held a symbolic ribbon cutting, officially opening the new area for about 3000 students from 45 different countries. However, despite only now receiving its official opening, the campus has been operational since last month, already ready to welcome new students.

The Crown Princess had the opportunity to receive a tour of the new campus, as well as having a chat with a select group of students. She congratulated them for the new accommodations but also on their hard work keeping up with their education during the global shutdown and the subsequent remote learning experience. 

The new campus covers an area of about 85000 square metres (or 21 acres) in the centre of Horsens and is added to the eight already existing campuses located all around the central region of Denmark. VIA Horsens Campus will house students of engineering, nursing and education courses.

The central building, a 16-storey tower, has been created with sustainability in mind, which means energy optimisation, low maintenance costs and a good indoor climate. Sustainability is one of the core principles of VIA University and is taught independently of the student’s chosen curriculum. 

Another aim of the construction was to create “a vibrant learning environment, where technology and welfare go hand in hand across disciplines, and where the latest knowledge about sustainable solutions and technology is always in focus”, according to the university’s official website. 

Crown Princess Mary was accompanied in this visit by the Minister of Education and Research; both of them gave speeches before leaving, highlighting the key role education has played, plays and will always play in the building of a society. 

Her Royal Highness said: “Campus Horsens is a symbol of what we are so good at in Denmark – namely excellent cooperation. With Campus Horsens, the best framework has been created for the students of the future and the educations of the future and to develop answers to the challenges of the future.”