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Crown Princess Mary discusses issues of loneliness with young people

Steen Brogaard/Mary Foundation Archive

Crown Princess Mary held a meeting with the youth panel of her Mary Foundation on Tuesday to hear about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected them and to discuss solutions.

In an Instagram post on the Mary Foundation’s account, Crown Princess Mary wrote that the meeting with young people “became an inspiring and intense conversation about how corona and the restrictions that have been followed have had a big impact on young people’s lives.”

Crown Princess Mary continued, “I was especially touched by young people’s thought and compassion to some of the groups that are having the hardest time and feel loneliest at this time. And I was very uplifted by their many ideas on what we can do – both to fight loneliness and create well-being among young people in the coming time.”

Last week, the Mary Foundation announced that it has joined in a government partnership to “highlight the challenges of loneliness among young people” that will develop a loneliness strategy to help combat and remedy this issue.

“Loneliness among children and young people has risen during the shutdown of Denmark,” the Mary Foundation wrote. “Young people were already the loneliest age group before the corona crisis, and it is therefore important that we stay focused now and forward on combating the increasing loneliness among young people.

“Loneliness can have long-stretched consequences and is related to mental distrust, depression, anxiety and school dropout.”

The Mary Foundation was formed in 2007 by Crown Princess Mary to tackle three main issues related to social isolation: bullying and well-being; violence in the home; and combatting loneliness.

“We…fight to contribute to a society where everyone experiences belonging,” according to the Mary Foundation’s official website. “We do this by developing and disseminating initiatives that support the many on the edge of the community to stay in or step into the community. We promote knowledge, break down taboos and create awareness of both the issues we work with and possible solutions.

“It is our goal to create hope and a better life for those who stand alone and greater understanding and tolerance among those who make up communities. Ultimately to increase the number of people who experience belonging.”

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