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Crown Prince Frederik visits aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle

This week, Crown Prince Frederik, heir apparent to the Danish throne, used the Danish Royal House’s Instagram account to show photographs of his time aboard the Danish Navy frigate, Niels Juel, currently sailing in the Mediterranean as part of the carrier group alongside the French Navy’s aircraft carrier, Charles de Gaulle.

The Crown Prince spent two days onboard the ship, during which time he was informed of the work Danish Defence does; he also saw the air options available with the fighter jets that operate from the deck of the Charles de Gaulle. Whether it is part of a NATO operation or that of a single navy, the floating airfields that are the aircraft carriers are always protected by a number of smaller frigates to ensure them a safe passage to wherever the proposed theatre of operations is, and whatever type of role that may be, including relief work or as they are in the Mediterranean, keeping an eye out for refugees in frail crafts.

Afterwards, he posted on Instagram, in part, “During my visit I have been informed about Niels Juel and Charles de Gaulle’s many tasks. In addition, I have greeted the crews and gained insight into the many complex tasks that the Danish Defence solves in this marine military operation. It has been a great experience.”

During his life, Crown Prince Frederik has served in all three branches of the Danish Armed Services. When it comes to his naval service, it is very impressive, and comments have been made as to how dashing he looked in a camouflage jacket! During his time in the Navy, he trained as a Frogman and qualified to be a member of the Danish equivalent of the US Navy Seals.

The Crown Prince enjoys his time on the water, and not just in the larger boats like the Niels Juel or Charles de Gaulle. He is also a very accomplished sailor and has competed in many regatta’s both European as well as domestic and has finished high up the leader board. He is a keen campaigner for both a healthy lifestyle as well as climate change.