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Crown Princess Mary urges everyone to wear face masks


Crown Princess Mary drew criticism on Wednesday for not adhering to public safety protocol and later apologised for her actions on the Royal House Instagram.

The Crown Princess, who’d been on her first official engagement as President of the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature in Grenaa, shook hands with WWF officials and did not wear a face covering outdoors.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, Crown Princess Mary shared selfies of her wearing a face-covering after the fact with the caption: “On land, at sea and in the air – we have to get used to wearing face coverings. It is important that we follow the recommendations of the health authorities together.

“Yesterday I was in Grenaa for my first official visit after the summer holidays. At sea and in the air it went fine, but on land it slipped for me and I, unfortunately, came to shake hands. It reminded me how important it is that we help each other live up to the recommendations.

“Take care of yourself, and take care of each other.”

On Wednesday, Crown Princess Mary helped release stingrays into Danish waters, a first for a species that is threatened with extinction. She was announced as the new President of the WWF’s World Wide Fund for Nature in Denmark, following in the footsteps of her late father-in-law, Prince Henrik.

“The Danish marine environment is under pressure. That’s why we put this project in the lake so that we can help protect life and at the same time make the Danes more aware of the amazing natural wealth that the Danish seas have,” the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature wrote on Facebook.

“We are fighting for a clean, wild and sustainable sea, where there will be room for both wild sea animals and for the fish we will live on in the future.”

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