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Queen Rania in Saudi Arabia for art and pilgrimage

Queen Rania of Jordan travelled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to attend the opening of two exhibitions connected to Islamic traditions and culture. 

On the evening of 27 March, Her Majesty arrived at the Jeddah Superdome for her first event, the opening of Bisat Al Reeh’s 22nd annual exhibition. This event spans six days and is organised by the Saudi Ministry of Culture in connection with Ramadan. 

The exhibition’s opening night was held under the patronage of Princess Adelah of Saudi Arabia, who acts as the chairwoman of the National Charity Foundation for Home Healthcare, dedicated to providing medical assistance to those most in need. 

Upon her arrival at the Superdome, Queen Rania was welcomed by the President of the exhibition, who also acts as the vice chair of the charity, Abeer Qabbani, who said that Her Majesty’s presence “lends great significance to the exhibition and emphasises its global reach,” as evidenced by the high number of international participants, which also included Jordan River Designs, a company that creates lifestyle objects. 

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Following this first stop, Queen Rania also visited the inauguration of the Islamic Arts Biennale, an event produced by the Diriyah Biennale Foundation, created by the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia, in 2020. 

The Jordanian Queen was given a tour of the exhibition by CEO Aya Al Bakree, who showed her some of the more than 300 works of art featured in the Biennale, which include 40 pieces by international institutions. 

The theme of this year’s Biennale is “Awwal Bait,” or “First House,” a reference to the first structure that hosted the Biennale: the Holy Ka’bah in Mecca. 

The Royal Hashemite Court has also announced plans for Queen Rania to travel to Mecca for the traditional Umrah pilgrimage, during which she will also hold an Iftar banquet for several Jordanian women that are part of Her Majesty’s Ramadan Umrah mission.