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King Abdullah believes extremist groups may take advantage of the Coronavirus

By Mueller / MSC - CC BY 3.0 de via Wikimedia Commons

His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan confirmed that he thinks extremist groups may take advantage of the Coronavirus and the situation it has created in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the Middle East.  The Jordanian Kingdom is one of the most stable nations in the entire region and, like most other nations; they are now fighting the Coronavirus.

The Jordanian monarch made the statement during an interview with the television channel CBS News. King Abdullah was interviewed by Margaret Brennan on the TV-show “Face the Nation”. Brennan asked the King if he was worried that the Coronavirus could be exploited by extremist groups.

His Majesty’s full response was: “Well, I think all over the world extremist groups and the usual suspects will obviously try and take advantage of that. We as a country that have come out of the regional shocks of wars with a massive surge of refugees that we’ve had, plus being a poor country on a very strict program with the IMF and trying to get the economy back and running, obviously, this is a major concern.”

The Jordanian monarch continued: “Having said that, we have seen areas of our society where actually we can be supporters for the region. But it’s, I think, a challenge that all countries are facing, whether or not we get the economics right. So here’s the risk. I mean, obviously, we are now slowly, gradually opening up, understanding that it could really move us back a couple of paces.”

The Jordanian King also confirmed in the interview that he had not spoken to the Chinese president but a number of other heads of state about the pandemic. Like other heads of state, the King wanted international cooperation to fight the virus.

On 2 March, the Prime Ministry of Jordan reported the first case of Coronavirus in Jordan.  The Jordanian government declared a state of emergency on 19 March and imposed a curfew on 21 March. As of 21 April, there were 428 confirmed cases of the virus and 7 deaths in Jordan.

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