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King Abdullah releases scathing letter about brother after alleged 2021 coup attempt

Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

King Abdullah of Jordan has released a scathing letter about his younger brother to the Jordanian people. The letter was released over a year after the alleged attempted 2021 coup in Jordan that Prince Hamzah was accused of being involved in. Prince Hamzah is now under house arrest due to his actions.

The King said he released the letter to the Jordanian people after coming to “the disappointing conclusion that he (Prince Hamzah) will not change. This conviction grew deeper with everything my young brother, whom I have always treated as a son, has said and done.” He said that he had exhausted all efforts to help his brother but to no avail and kept hope that he would change.

King Abdullah said that he was sure Hamzah “is living in a state of self-deception, where he sees himself as the sole guardian of our Hashemite legacy, and the target of a systematic campaign by our institutions. His frequent letters have reflected the state of denial in which he is living and his refusal to take any responsibility for his actions.”

By Abd Alrahman Wreikat –, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons

He went on to say that Hamzah “continues to ignore all facts and undisputable evidence, manipulating events to bolster his false narrative. Unfortunately, my brother truly believes what he claims.”

His Majesty said that his brother goes back on his promises and continuously acts irresponsibly. The King did not hold back, saying: “He continues to live within the confines of his own reality rather than recognising the great stature, respect, love, and care we have given him. He ignores facts, denies realities, and plays the role of the victim.”

King Abdullah also addressed the alleged coup attempt that took place in April 2021. He said that his younger brother claimed to be ok with Abdullah making his son, Hussein, the Crown Prince of Jordan, but all of his actions have shown that he disapproved of the King’s move. In 2004, Hamzah was removed as the heir to the throne, and the Jordanian constitution says that the line of succession goes by agnatic primogeniture (the eldest son of the monarch is the heir) – meaning Hussein became first in line to the throne and officially received the Crown Prince title in 2009.

Crown Prince Hussein with his father, King Abdullah. By Office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi –, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Abdullah also said he had supported Hamzah’s career in the armed forces but that Hamzah’s arrogant attitude resulted in numerous complaints sent to the King.

The King stressed several times that he had tried to help Hamzah as much as possible but that nothing worked. His Majesty said he was saddened that his brother was absent on national and family occasions and kept praying things would change. He also accuses Hamzah of trying to put the military under his own command.

King Abdullah accused Hamzah of putting words in his mouth and intentionally distorting the truth. The King said Hamzah and his family have never been targeted and have always been provided with support. He also stressed that the family of Hamzah would not suffer any consequences of Hamzah’s actions. He said he would continue to love and support them in every way he can.

The most interesting part of the letter has King Abdullah talking about Hamzah’s role in what he calls the “sedition case” and how his younger brother was involved in the alleged coup attempt.

“He presented a false narrative of his role in the sedition case, disregarding facts that the public became aware of regarding his suspicious relationship and communications with the traitor Bassem Awadallah and Hassan bin Zeid, whom my brother knew had approached two foreign embassies to ask about the possibility of their countries supporting what he had described as regime change.”

The King also attacked Hamzah’s habit of going to the foreign press and said: “Never, in our family’s history, or in the history of other royal families, has a family member sent recorded video messages to foreign entities, attacking the very national institutions from which he himself benefits and calling their integrity into question.”

He also said his brother “preaches morality, disingenuously invoking our Hashemite values while violating them with his actions and behaviour. He claims to live by the example of our ancestors in his words but flouts their legacy with his deeds.”

Regarding Hamzah renouncing his titles, the King said Hamzah does not have the power to do that. That power lies with the King; however, Abdullah stopped short of revoking his brother’s titles.

He said that he had been presented with a recommendation in December of 2021 to restrict Hamzah’s movements, communications, and place of residence but had held off on signing. Due to Hamzah’s continuous actions, the King said he had no choice but to sign the recommendation – putting Hamzah under house arrest. The King said he would make sure Hamzah has all he needs to live a comfortable life.

The King said he would not be shocked if Prince Hamzah releases any statements regarding the house arrest but that he would waste no time in responding to him.

The full letter can be read here.

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