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Prince Charles joins Romania’s Royal Family during #ROYALVISITROMANIA

On Thursday 30th March, The Prince of Wales met with members of Romania’s Royal Family at the Elisabeta Palace. His Royal Highness has previously visited the Elisabeta Palace in 2011 and 2016.

Romania is now governed as a republic after the forced abdication of HM King Michael I of Romania in 1947. His Majesty told the New York Times about how the Communist Party forced him to sign his abdication, threatening to kill 1,000 students if he refused. The King was sent into exile but remained on good terms with Europe’s ruling monarchies. He attended the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh and is friends with the British Royal Family. An opinion poll in January 2012 saw King Michael declared as the most trusted person in Romania, well ahead of any current political leaders. Although still kept from power, the 95 year old monarch lobbied for Romania to join NATO and helped the government by touring Europe. He can still draw huge crowds of admirers in Romania and this popularity has concerned republicans for decades. King Michael affirms that his removal from power was illegal, and that he is the rightful ruler of Romania.

The King has recently withdrawn from public life following the death of his wife Queen Anne and a cancer diagnosis. In March 2016, The King released a statement:

“In recent weeks we have received news of a serious medical diagnosis. This situation comes in the year when family and country are celebrating 150 years since the founding of the dynasty and the modern Romanian state. My daughter Margarita, the Custodian of the Crown, I am sure will find the wisdom and the strength to represent me and to carry out my public duties. I have asked the Royal Council to continue its mission and provide advise to the Custodian of the Crown. 

Michael R “

As a result, Prince Charles met Crown Princess Margareta of Romania, King Michael’s eldest daughter, for afternoon tea at the palace.

  • PennieP.

    I don’t understand how this is considered “working “..

    • UF

      For Prince Charles it’s downright laborious toil equivalent to a chain gang.
      Heavens but the man will go anywhere for a free sandwich. Provided the crusts are cut

      • PennieP.

        And his show strings are ironed.
        How is going to Romania consider to the anything but a Vacation?
        Same with The Duchess, finally got off her rear end, put on a $1,200 dress and the crowd went nuts..
        She’s finally ‘Working ‘…
        Maybe it’s me? But that was a very expensive ‘job ‘… Would have been cheaper to keep her home.. The current house she is remodeling.
        Ahhhh, to be ROYAL!

        • Krissilas Cornelius

          Be a good human being and be happy when others are happy! The Royals make other people happy with their visits.You must love all people,rich or poor! They all need our love and acceptance! Think good and you will be happy!!!!!

  • Krissilas Cornelius

    God bless the Prince of Wales! And God bless the Custodian of the Romanian Crown Princess Margarita and her husband Prince Radu!

  • Krissilas Cornelius

    Everyone is hungry..or one would never eat! Think before you make a comment. You can change your diet and eat healthier.Eat peanut butter,cheese,tomato and lettuce and other alternatives. I never eat salami or any kind of meat! Meats are acidic and no good for your health! I eat granola also and mixed nuts and seeds.And I am always healthy and happy!

  • Mr. Christian

    Dear Prince of Wales: I thank you for drawing the criminal role of George Soros throughout the former “Austro-Hungarian Empire” out, including in Romania and Hungary. Every Jew or other veteran of WW II, I hope will know of his boastful role with minions of Adolf Hitler in the Holocaust there; and, he be tried for war crimes finally. My own family fought against this Holocaust; and, I hope that justice will soon be served. I am possibly a dymocke and know my duty if so

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