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Poll Shows Half of Respondents Wish for Prince William to be Next King

A poll conducted by the Opinium Research ‘Monarchy Tracker’ has shown that over half its respondents would like to see the Duke of Cambridge succeed Her Majesty The Queen upon the latter’s passing.

The survey took responses from a pool of 2003 British adults and was conducted from the 29th of December 2016 to the 3rd of January 2017.

52% of those who responded indicated that they would rather have Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge as the next British monarch in comparison to just 27% who favoured His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales.

In addition to tracking support for Her Majesty’s heirs, the tracker also revealed insights into people’s opinions of the monarchy as a whole as well. As always, support for the British monarchy is at a comfortable high, with around 80% reporting that they wish for the institution to continue. Likewise, a similar number — 70% — believe that the British monarchy presents a positive image for Britain abroad.

Much of the monarchy’s popularity is reported to be tied to The Queen herself, and it also indicates that support is generally weaker among younger Britons.

James Endersby, the Managing Director of the Opinium Research team, stated that the polls indicate that the monarchy still commands great respect among British citizens, confirming a consistently high approval rating that has remained steady for much of The Queen’s reign. In comparison, Gallup reported an approval rating of just 19% for the American Congress at the start of this year, while the British Parliament generally enjoys a 36% approval rating on average according to a report from 2015.

“However,” he added, “Young people are not as invested [in the British monarchy] as the older generation, and this does raise questions about the future of the monarchy after The Queen — will the institution survive survive without one of history’s most respected sovereigns?”

At the same time, Endersby also pointed out that there is a still a strong fascination with the British monarchy as well, citing the strong success of Netflix original serial drama The Crown — recently the winner of a Golden Globe Award — as an indication that there is still an interest in the House of Windsor outside of the news.

  • GJ

    Who decides to ask these questions. It’s not like it’s an election. Charles will be a great king. Just like Edward VII who was expected to be a bad king but turned out to be one of the best.

    • Alistar Sheridan

      I agree! Charles is a Monarch who loves his subjects with the love of parent to child. I dare not say God to Worshipper

  • Carolyn

    I wonder if some of the qualities that people like so well in William are things he’s been able to nurture out of the spotlight. Charles hadn’t that luxury. We are in a situation now where George will (God willing) be able to enjoy the same space out of the limelight that William had. Why would we want to rush William into a full time role he is just moving toward, and George into the position of heir while he is still young? Her Majesty took on a heavy burden at a young age. She is stellar. Yet I don’t imagine she would wish for William or George to be rushed into their next roles before time. May The Queen enjoy many more years of good health and happiness, like her Mother, while Charles, William and even George, move gently toward their future roles. They, and we, will be better for it.

    • Sigi

      Stellar ? That family ordered Diana’s death. The “queen” was named in a case involving missing children in Kamloops,BC. Tip of the iceberg I’m sure. Barry Manakee, another victim of the RF. Who will be better for WHAT ? Those pompous RF jack@asses who don’t really care…make things better….what ?

  • Alistar Sheridan

    The Monarchy is NOT controlled by votes

  • luigi pasquali

    Charles is very mature and dignified and will make a good King but not exceedingly popular. Camilla is not popular at all. On the other hand, William has a very beautiful and popular wife and he also would make a good King. He believes firmly in noblesse oblige but he doesn’t want to be King , at least not yet.

    • Sigi

      LOL !!!!!!!!!!! POPULAR ? WAITY THE FLASHER ? She’s good for a laugh. Serial @ss flasher, can’t give a speech if her life depended on it. Oh yeah WAITY has made a HUGE impression.
      Yes mature Chuck too….the one who was so jealous of his lovely wife and who took advantage of her youth, with his adultery.

  • Sigi

    The all BLOW. Nutty Chuck + The Rottweillerand, Wimpo Willy + The Flasher. No good choices. On to a Republic is best.

  • Sigi

    They’re all poor choices.

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