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Princess Märtha Louise has no plans to give up her title

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, 47, has said she has no plans to give up her royal title.

When questioned by Norway’s TV2 on Thursday about possibly giving up her title, the Princess said, “That’s not something I am considering.”

The daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja appeared on TV2 Thursday alongside her American boyfriend the Shaman, Durek Verrett who she went public with earlier this week. Mr Verrett, 44, is half Norwegian and half African-American and describes himself as a “spiritual guide and gifted healer.”

Norwegian editorial newspaper Dagsavisen wrote earlier this week that Princess Märtha Louise was causing “a catastrophe” for the Norwegian Royal Family as well as credibility problems due to her new relationship and her supposed ability to heal and communicate with angels.

The couple was due to hold one of their “The Princess and the Shaman” appearances at St Petri Church, but the invitation was rescinded by Stavanger Bishop Anne Lise Ådnøy this week.

The Princess was previously married to Ari Behn from 2002 to 2017. They had three children together: Maud, Leah and Emma. They announced their intent to divorce in 2016 but said they would share custody of their daughters.

Märtha Louise held the style of ‘Royal Highness’ until 2002 when it was removed by her father, after discussions with her, to allow her work with more freedom while owning her own business without the constraints of the ‘HRH’.

Her Highness was born on 22 September 1971 as the only daughter and elder child of then-Crown Prince Harald and Crown Princess Sonja (current King Harald and Queen Sonja). She has a younger brother, Crown Prince Haakon.

In 1990, the Norwegian Constitution was altered to allow for female ascension to the throne beginning for those born after 1990. This means that Märtha Louise did not jump over her brother in the line of succession, but her niece, Princess Ingrid Alexandra was guaranteed a right to ascend the throne ahead of her younger brother, Prince Sverre Magnus.

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