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Opinion: The Queen should meet President Trump

This is an opinion piece by Royal Central’s Benjamin Knights, and why he thinks it would be a grave error to withdraw a State Visit invitation to Donald Trump.

Nobody can claim that Donald Trump’s first week as President of the United States was not controversial. The billionaire property tycoon put many of his unorthodox campaign pledges in action and signalled that there would be no difference between Candidate Trump and President Trump. His latest executive order, to temporarily halt immigration from a number of Islamic countries and to impose a strict policy on refugees, has caused fury across the world. Many people, including senior British politicians, are calling on The Queen to withdraw her invitation to President Trump of an official state visit to the United Kingdom. This would be a grave error.

We have seen how a visit from the British Prime Minister Theresa May had a profound effect on President Trump. She seemingly convinced him to apply restraint to his views on torture and managed to get a “100% commitment” to NATO from the President. Trump likes and respects the United Kingdom, his mother was born in Scotland. British leaders are well positioned to influence his administration.

The Queen, approaching her Sapphire Jubilee (65 years on the throne), is the most experienced world leader on the planet. She has been a stable hand during the most turbulent times of the 20th and 21st Centuries. A petition is gaining a great deal of support online to call off President Trump’s visit to the UK in order to prevent ’embarrassment’ to Her Majesty. What an insult to The Queen. To imply that Her Majesty does not know how to deal with a visit from President Trump would be a vast mistake. This is a monarch who has reigned for 65 years, seen international leaders rise and fall, and witnessed the new world order emerge. As President Trump prepares to dismantle that very establishment, it will not be extremely momentous to The Queen. She has seen the Soviet Union collapse, the European Union emerge and spread and the founding of the UN. Donald Trump is The Queen’s thirteenth US President. She is certainly not a novice in any sense of the word.

If Theresa May can change President Trump’s mind on issues such as torture and NATO, The Queen will have a much greater influence over The Donald. Nobody knows what Her Majesty says to US presidents when she meets with them, and quite rightly too, but we can be sure that The Queen’s wealth of knowledge and experience can only be humbling and profound.

Furthermore, one of the things we love about Her Majesty is her impeccable manners. Could anyone really imagine The Queen doing something as rude as revoking an invitation, or as cowardly as running scared from a US Premier? Please let us not insult Her Majesty, she is perfectly capable of looking after herself. The whole world can learn an immense amount from the way in with she deals with foreign governments, Donald Trump’s included. The Queen should not cancel President Trump’s visit; it would be beneath her dignity.

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