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Elizabeth Jane Timms

Elizabeth Jane Timms

Elizabeth Jane Timms is a royal historian, writer, historical consultant and research professional. An acknowledged expert on British and European royalty, she speaks on matters royal historical for television and radio, including on historic royal weddings at Windsor for BBC Radio Berkshire prior to the first Royal Wedding (2018). She regularly writes for magazines, journals, newsletters and the web. As a historical consultant, she responds to a wide range of enquiries from media to private individuals, as well as for books, talks and research projects. She has been an active contributor to the academic royal journal Royalty Digest Quarterly since 2012. She specializes in Queen Victoria's family and is an authority on Russia's last Tsarina, Alexandra Feodorovna. (1872-1918). She joined the team of freelance writers for the magazine History of Royals in 2016. She has also written for the European Royal History Journal. She writes a popular blog as resident historian for Royal Central, the web's most popular site on the British Royal Family and the Monarchies of Europe. Currently, she is a freelance contributor to Tudor Life magazine. She wrote a series on Mozart for the Prague Post (2017-2018) and writes and researches on Mozart; her two-part series on Mozart in London appeared in the Newsletter of the Friends of Mozart Society, New York City (2016). She has been an active member of many heritage societies, such as The Georgian Group. She was elected a member of the Royal Historical Society in 2017 and is an honorary member of the Tudor Society. She is a poet and a member of Oxford University Poetry Society. Her poetry is forthcoming or has appeared in various literary journals and magazines, including The Oxonian Review, Coldnoon: International Journal of Travel Writing & Travelling Cultures, North of Oxford Journal, Cornish Story Magazine, Nine Muses Poetry and elsewhere. She lives in rural Oxfordshire.

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    Some personal items belonging to Queen Victoria have been acquired by Historic Royal Palaces, the independent charity which maintains Kensington Palace,...

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  • Ella: The birth of Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna

    ‘Saw good Mrs Clark, returned from Darmstadt, who gave me an excellent account of Alice, the Baby & dear little Victoria’ (Quoted...

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  • Queen Victoria’s Widow’s Cap

    The white caps worn by Queen Victoria have – correctly – come to be regarded as a symbol for her widowhood....

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    Queen Victoria’s accession began with a staircase. Fascinating to consider is the fact that this very staircase survives at Kensington Palace...

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  • Becoming Victoria

    Hanging in the magnificent Waterloo Chamber at Windsor is the state portrait of King William IV in his Garter robes with...

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  • Queen Victoria and royal widowhood

    For some, Queen Victoria remains etched into the popular memory as the monochrome royal widow, dressed in black for the rest...

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  • Queen Victoria’s dolls

    The wooden dolls of the future Queen Victoria have long been the subject of fascination. Perhaps this is because we are...

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