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William and Harry to appear in two Diana documentaries

They have always spoken of the deep grief that was never overcome. Now, Prince William and Prince Harry want to pay what could be the most emotional tribute to their mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

According to the Sunday Times, Their Royal Highnesses have commissioned two television documentaries in which they will share revealing memories of the difficult times that followed the Princess of Wales’s shocking death in a car crash in Paris two decades ago. William and Harry were 15 and 12 at the time and were raised by their father and grandmother.

In July, ITV will focus, in a special programme, on Diana’s achievements and work – particularly that which is related to HIV and AIDs and landmines – which inspired the two royals to commit to humanitarian causes themselves.

In August, which marks exactly 20 years since that fatal crash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel, the BBC will broadcast a documentary to revisit the national and global outpouring of emotions.

A royal source was quoted by the newspaper as saying, “The Duke and Prince Harry have selected close friends and family members to speak about Diana, and some will be speaking about her publicly for the first time.”

Prince Harry has recently opened up about what he described as “a lot of buried emotion” which he said he did not even “want to think about it.”

The Duke of Cambridge, meanwhile, told an orphaned child how he still missed his mother after all this time.

The two royals have also recently commissioned a statue of her to be erected in the gardens of Kensington Palace.

It is expected that a number of Diana’s close friends will take part in the documentaries, including Julia Samuel, psychotherapist and paediatric counsellor, and Rosa Monckton, who once revealed that the Princess helped her bury her stillborn child in the grounds of Kensington Palace.

It is also reported that Diana’s brother, Charles, will also feature in the special programme.