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The Wessexes

The Countess of Wessex marks the 20th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security

Photo: Benjamin Wareing

In 2019, The Countess of Wessex held a reception for Women Peacebuilders at Buckingham Palace, where she committed to supporting the UN’s Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) agenda, as well as the UK’s, Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative. UN Security Council Resolution 1325 was the first-ever UN Resolution that recognised the central role of women as important stakeholders in contributing to peace and security.

Today mark’s the 20th anniversary of the passing of WPS. The Countess has reaffirmed her commitment to WPS by penning an article in The Telegraph discussing the outsized role conflict has on women and the importance of promoting gender equality, especially among conflict-torn nations.

Earlier this week, the Countess of Wessex showed her support for UNSCR 1325 by participating in engagements related to the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, which was launched on 26 October by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya. The goal of the Forum is to promote stability and democratic elections in Libya. Speaking virtually in conjunction with James Cleverly, UK Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa, the Countess showed her support for an end to the ongoing conflict there by meeting with peacebuilders, refugees, and prominent members of civil society to discuss the wide range of issues affecting women in Libya.

The Countess has visited multiple countries in support of gender equality and empowerment. In March, Sophie became the first member of the Royal Family to visit South Sudan, meeting with survivors of sexual violence and women peacebuilders.

“The women and girls that I have met this week fill me with confidence that South Sudan has the right women to work alongside their male counterparts to bring about a lasting peace for everyone and a more equal country,” she said while meeting with a local group of activists to celebrate International Women’s Day.

In 2019, she visited Kosovo to address the stigma associated with the sexual violence that took place during the Kosovo War.

For more information on the Countess’ work with the WPS and PSVI, click here.