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Were you there? New ITV documentary looking for Prince of Wales investiture spectators

If you were at Caernarfon Castle 50 years ago for the investiture of the Prince of Wales, filmmakers want to hear from you.

A new programme with the working title “A Prince for 50 years” will air on ITV later this year, and Cardiff-based Yeti Films are eager to speak to those who attended the event on 1 July 1969. If you have photos or film of the day, even better, reach out as they are hoping to include images and video of the investiture and any celebrations in the days leading up to it.

“Part of our film will be reflecting on the day of the investiture itself. We are therefore interested in speaking to people who were actually inside Caernarfon Castle grounds during the investiture ceremony,” a Yeti Films spokesperson told The Daily Post in North Wales.

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“We know there were some schoolchildren there. A schoolboy and schoolgirl were invited from every county in Wales, we’d love to speak to any of them.”

The documentary makers also would like to speak to anyone who was involved in the ceremony or even working on the grounds that day.

“A lot of people who attended will have passed away, but there will be others who are now in their 50s, 60s and 70s,” the spokesperson added. “We’d also love some home cine-cam footage taken on the day from outside the castle, there were thousands of people in Caernarfon on the day, so hopefully people will come forward.”

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The documentary will include an interview with The Prince of Wales and is being made in cooperation with Clarence House. Part of the programme “will explore Prince Charles’ relationship with Wales,” according to The Daily Post.

Prince Charles is the longest-serving Prince of Wales in history, and his investiture will play a part in the upcoming season of The Crown, which was filmed onsite in Caernarfon last year.

Those who attended the 1969 investiture can contact Yeti Films on 02920223456, or email

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