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Prince & Princess of Wales

The Prince of Wales meets the Secretary General of the United Nations

During his trip to New York City, Prince William has met with UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres. 

The Prince of Wales landed at Newark airport on 18th September 2023, and is in the Big Apple for the annual Earthshot Prizes meeting during which finalists are announced. 

The Secretary General is in New York to preside over the United Nations’ General Assembly and has been holding talks and meetings over the past few days with some of the leaders that have gathered in the city for the occasion. 

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Prince William and Antonio Guterres talked about the fight against climate change, the increasing amount of effort that is being put into it, as well as the need to put more resources into the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which also include the right to climate-safe living. 

Prince William’s focus during his time in New York will remain on his Earthshot Prize engagements throughout the next few days.

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The Prince of Wales met the United Nations Secretary General after a stop over on Governor’s Island, where he was briefed on ongoing projects for the cleansing of the waters of New York Harbour by repopulating the oyster colonies in the area. Oysters act as filters, and the Prince didn’t hesitate to put on some wellies and dungarees to lend a hand. 

Upon landing, Prince William said that it was good to be back in the United States, and thanked Americans for their support in the difficult times that followed the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, when he was scheduled to fly to New York and had to cancel plans at the last minute. 

He also praised the US’s optimism, something that he and Secretary General Guterres agreed is a key part of succeeding in implementing a climate policy that is friendlier towards everyone, but especially developing countries.