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Princess Charlotte worth £3.2 billion to UK economy

Princess Charlotte is poised to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a fashion icon, as it has been reported that she’s worth £3.2 billion to the U.K. economy.

Brand Finance, a company that performs brand valuations, estimated the cost of the “Charlotte Effect” and it outperforms that of her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her older brother, Prince George.

Her outfits, much like those of her mother and brother, routinely sell out fast. Though she’s only been seen in public sparingly since her birth, her effect on fashion has been great to the companies that sell those clothes.

“In the days after Princess Charlotte was born, through May 2015, well over 100,000 people visited our Web site,” said Gillian Taylor of GH Hurt & Sons, makers of the shawl the little princess had been swaddled in when she made her public debut outside St. Mary’s Hospital on 2 May 2015.

The little pink ski booties that Princess Charlotte wore on her ski vacation in February also boosted the sales of, with the company stating that they might normally only sell 40 pairs in a week, and had a 550 percent surge in sales the day after the photos of the princess wearing them were released.

The little princess might be outranked in the line of succession, but she will reportedly hold more of a value in the fashion world than her brother.

The “Prince George Effect” is estimated to be worth about £2.4 billion while the Duchess of Cambridge is estimated to be worth £1 billion.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sapphire blue engagement dress, by Issa, sold out in the United Kingdom and the United States after she wore it in November 2010, and sparked a “little blue dress” trend.

Similarly, when the Duchess’s wedding dress went on display at Buckingham Palace during the summer of 2011, and raised £8 million for the Royal Collection and the Duke and Duchess’s charitable fund, not to mention the exhibition drew a record number of visitors.

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