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Prince & Princess of Wales

MP calls for Prince George to attend state school

A Labour MP has called for Prince George to attend a state school.

Norwich MP Clive Lewis thinks the nine-year-old royal should break tradition and attend a state school instead of following in his father’s footsteps at Eton.

He admitted that the decision on where George will be educated is up to the Prince and Princess of Wales. However, he argued: “There’s an argument to be made for him to go to a state school.”

Lewis added: “He is a future king, and I would suggest that at a state school, he would rub shoulders with a much broader cross-section of his future subjects than he would at Eton.”

There have been no announcements from Kensington Palace on where Prince George will attend school after leaving the predatory school Lambrook in Windsor, which is seen as a feeder school to Eton.

According to the Mail, a Labour source has spoken out on the MP’s comments, saying: “The last thing Keir wants is a row with the royals, but voices around him are muttering that it would be a ‘good look’ if William decided against sending George to the most famously elitist school in the world at a time when we are adding to the already eye-watering costs.”

Labour sources have reportedly discussed the optics of Prince George attending Eton and if the Prince and Princess of Wales could be convinced to change their mind.

Both Prince William and Prince Harry attended the private Eton College.

The Princess of Wales is said to be partial to her son following in her footsteps at Marlborough College, which costs £42,500 a year as opposed to Eton’s £46,296.

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