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Prince & Princess of Wales

A July Baby For The Cambridges & More!

It has been confirmed. The next step in the exciting stages leading up to the royal baby’s birth has commenced, we are to expect a July baby. Here we mention past precedent, discuss other significant events and royal birthdays in July and ultimately, what day we think the royal baby will be born.

As was obvious since the birth announcement, it was always going to be a summer-baby for the Cambridges. It was confirmed a few days ago that the Duchess had officially reached the 12-week stage of her pregnancy, meaning we can now work out some more precise dates.

St James’s Palace also shared details of when the Duchess’s doctors said she’d likely give birth. They determined that this would be July. For some of our followers on Twitter, this has already made them very happy, especially those with birthdays in July.

Based on what we know about a likely mid-July birth, we’re estimating the baby’s birth date as 17th July 2013. We’d love to hear your date and, in a few months time when the baby is born, we may come back to this and award some sort of prize to anyone who gets it right.

Proclamation Of Birth

A royal birth is very exciting, it always has been, especially when this child will become heir to the throne. The baby will be surrounded with attention, gifts and mystique from birth. The first thing to happen when the baby is born is the official announcement, this is expected to be done in the tradtional way with the notice on the gates of Buckingham Palace stating something along the line of: ‘Her Royal Highness The Duchess Of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy/girl on <DATE> at <LOCATION>’.

Traditionally, town criers across the UK come out to announce the birth, as this child is an heir to the throne, their proclamation will be something similar: “‘Her Royal Highness The Duchess Of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy/girl – God Save The Queen!”

Naming traditionally actually comes shortly after the birth, though we may be interested to see an immediate naming, which is difficult to tell due to the Duke and Duchess’s varied ideas on tradition!

Rest assured, whatever date and location, this baby is in for one heck of a childhood!

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