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Prince Charles and Camilla

The Prince of Wales’s investiture chair returns home after long journey

<![CDATA[A royal piece of history that was part of The Prince Wales’s 1969 investiture ceremony at Caernarfon Castle has made its way back 'home'.
The Investiture Chair was designed by Lord Snowdon and used by royals and other notable attendees to view Prince Charles as he became the Prince of Wales is now on display at the Imperial Hotel, Llandudno.
The chair from 1969 investiture of The Prince of Wales.

The wood chair is stained red with a gilt of The Prince of Wales crest and has a red wool padded seat. The chairs were used by over 4,000 royals and dignitaries who attended the investiture ceremony. The chair displays an embossed gold Prince of Wales feather crest complemented by the Prince of Wales’s motto ‘ich dien’ which translated means, I serve.
Charles was initially made Prince of Wales when he was nine years old but the ceremony would not be held until he was older to fully understand his role and duty.
The ceremony was directed by the Constable of the Castle, Lord Snowdon. Her Majesty invested her son with the Insignia of his Principality and Earldom of Chester: a sword, coronet, mantle, gold ring and gold rod.
Post ceremony, the chairs were sold off to buyers from around the world. The Imperial’s General Manager Geoff Lofthouse wanted one for the longest time but assumed that since they were sold off none would be available.
Lofthouse’s brother-in-law noticed one for sale whilst at a London auction house last month and he bought it as a gift for him. It is now predominantly placed in the reception area of the hotel for everyone to see.
The Investiture was viewed by millions on television. You may view the Investiture below complete with a lovely introduction by Prince Charles.

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