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60% say The Queen is the 'hardest working royal'

<![CDATA[Sixty percent of people believe that The Queen is the hardest working member of the Royal Family according to a recent poll conducted by Royal Central.
According to Royal Central readers; the hardest member of the royal family is the Queen.

The poll saw 1,002 people take part and 602 (60%) of those said Her Majesty was the hardest working Royal. Prince Charles came in second place with 12% of the votes and Prince William placed third with 9%.
Prince Andrew received just five votes, placing him last in the results, and just ahead of him was Prince Edward with ten votes.
This poll was conducted shortly after the number of official engagements carried out by the Royal Family for 2013 were released.
Last year, the Royal who took part in the most engagements was The Prince of Wales, who carried out an impressive 517 commitments. The Queen slowed down her workload slightly as she performed 341 engagements, which was down on the number she performed in 2012.
However, Prince Andrew carried out 330 engagements in 2013 in contrast to the Duke of Cambridge’s 60. Could this mean the Duke of York’s work goes unrecognised in comparison to the well known members of the Royal Family?
You can read more about the amount of engagements carried out by the Royals in 2013 here in a recent Royal Central article.

You can see the full results of the poll below:
Question: “Who do you regard as the hardest working member of the Royal Family? (1,002 voters)
1. Her Majesty The Queen – 60% – 602 votes
2. Prince Charles – 12% – 121 votes
3. Prince William – 9% – 91 votes
4. The Countess of Wessex – 5% – 51 votes
5. Prince Harry – 5% – 50 votes
6. The Duchess of Cambridge – 3.5% – 35 votes
7. Prince Philip – 2.5% – 25 votes
8. The Duchess of Cornwall – 1% – 12 votes
9. Prince Edward – 1% – 10 votes
10. Prince Andrew – 1% – 5 votes
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