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Prince Charles called 'buff' at British sub-aqua club engagement

<![CDATA[Today, The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge attended an engagement in London for Prince William to take over the reigns from his father at the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC).
During a speech that saw Prince William take over from Prince Charles's role, the speaker referred to the Prince of Wales as having been 'quite buff' from a photograph they saw in their office from the seventies of the Prince. The compliment, however, was missed by the 66-year-old, and his son had to explain to him what the term meant, saying 'you should be pleased!'
Photo courtesy of Rebecca English @RE_DailyMail.

Charles then chuckled after seeing the photo of himself bare-chested at a BSAC event in the 1970s, showing off a toned physique and commented to guests “I know my eldest will now demonstrate his buff credentials”, though William donned a full wet suit.
Prince William was also presented with a small t-shirt for Prince George, who turns one in a few weeks, with a seal on the front, wearing a snorkel mask. A few months ago, the Duke of Cambridge admitted he wanted George to share his passion for scuba-diving and the water when he is older, as reported by Royal Central.
William then donned his wetsuit and flippers, and jumped in the pool to show off his snorkelling and diving skills, whilst Charles watched from the sidelines. The Duke told those there that his father was the real expert when it came to aquatic sports.

Tom Marshall, vice-chairman of BSAC, said: “Prince William trained with us as well as with the Army down at Fort Bovisand near Plymouth. I also know he has been out with one of our local groups on Anglesey.

“The Duchess, his wife, is also a member of the BSAC. He admitted that he prefers warm water diving but clearly has a passion for the sport. It is one of the most exciting sports you can be involved in.”

Prince Charles also revealed he had once received a scare from a Moray eel whilst diving in the Arctic; one came out of the darkness and put its teeth on his mask he “shot off like a Polaris missile” – he admitted he was “absolutely terrified”. William also admitted that he was more of a ‘fair weather diver’ and preferred the warmer climbs for his time in the water.

Featured Photo courtesy of Rebecca English @RE_DailyMail]]>