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Prince Charles attends parachute drop by 89 year old veteran

<![CDATA[The Prince of Wales attended a commemorative parachute drop by representatives of British, American, French and Canadian Armed Forces, at Ranville. The Drop took place in in two stages: a display by the Red Devils then fifteen minutes later the main jump, that British, Canadian, French and American airborne forces participated in.

After the jump The Prince met some of those who took part in the jump including an 89-year-old D-Day veteran, Jock Hutton who participated in a tandem jump with one of the Red Devils during the first drop. Mr Hutton is one of the last D-Day veterans from his regiment; The 13th Battalion of the Parachute Regiment.
The 89-year-old Scottish D-Day veteran was one of the first Allied soldiers to land in Nazi-occupied Western Europe in the initial hours of 6th June 1944.
Hutton was brought up in an orphanage in Bridge of Weir. In 1939 he joined the Black Watch.
The Black Watch was a Scottish infantry regiment of the British Army from 1881 (known as the Royal Highland Regiment (The Black Watch)) until 2006. In 2006 the regiment was reorganized becoming The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.
Hutton later transferred to the 13th Battalion of the Parachute Regiment. He is one of the last of the regiment’s veterans from D-Day.
Featured photo credit:  UK in France]]>