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VIDEO: The Cambridges join in to Clap for Carers

The Cambridge Family again took part in the ‘Clap for Carers’ campaign to recognize the NHS’s frontline workers, this time appearing on the BBC in front of their Anmer Hall home.

In the short clip, William can be seen opening the front door to their house as Prince George and Princess Charlotte duck under his arm to stand on the front steps. Princess Charlotte then begins clapping while Kate and Prince Louis join the rest on the steps, and then the whole family begins to clap.

The family, all dressed in blue in honour of the NHS, appeared on the BBC following a short skit that William appeared in with Stephen Fry. The legendary comedian was playing a Blackadder character while chatting with the Duke.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, Prince Charles and Camilla posted a video of themselves clapping for the carers at Birkhall.

Their video was captioned, “The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay have joined the nation once again to show their continued appreciation and support for all the NHS staff and other key workers on the frontline of the battle against coronavirus. Thank you!” and shared on the Clarence House social media accounts.

Clap for Carers has become a weekly event where members of the public stand on their doorsteps to applaud the work of the NHS and frontline carers. This is the fifth week that the event has taken place.

The first week, all senior members of the Royal Family shared videos to their social media accounts of themselves clapping.

The Queen and Prince Philip took part at Windsor Castle (though their video omitted their participation); Prince Charles and Camilla took part separately in Scotland (as Prince Charles was still in isolation following his COVID-19 diagnosis); the Cambridge children took part at Anmer Hall; and the Wessexes took part at Bagshot Park.

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