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The Queen sends message to British Red Cross for its 150th anniversary


The Queen has written a thank you letter to the staff and volunteers of the British Red Cross in honour of the Society’s 150th anniversary on Tuesday.

The Queen’s letter reads:

“As Patron of the British Red Cross, I send my warmest congratulations to the staff and volunteers of the Society on the occasion of its one hundred and fiftieth anniversary.

“Whether those involved in the Society are assisting people to return home from hospital safely, offering care and support in the aftermath of a disaster, volunteering in a shop, administering first aid or some of the many other activities the British Red Cross encompasses, their contribution is recognised, valued and greatly appreciated.

“I send my heartfelt thanks and warmest good wishes to you all.”

The Queen has been Patron of the British Red Cross for over 60 years, while The Prince of Wales is its President. When the British Red Cross was formed in 1905, its then-Royal Patron King Edward VII granted it its charter.

The Queen has been involved with the British Red Cross throughout her life. According to a blog post on the Society’s website, when she was born in 1926, the Society was one of the first to congratulate her father, then Duke of York, who was the Society’s Chairman at the time.

The society also volunteered to help with the crowds during her 1947 wedding, administering help to 324 people; they were there again for her coronation in 1953, treating 1,089 injuries.

The Royal Family has come together to mark the British Red Cross’s 150th anniversary, with The Prince of Wales recording a message for the society’s online exhibition to mark the milestone; The Duchess of Cambridge writing to 150 staff and volunteers and gifting them with coins made by the Royal Mint; and Princess Alexandra telephoning staff and volunteers to thank them.

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