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Royal statements on exile for Juan Carlos of Spain show his title of king appears to be secure


The possibility that King Juan Carlos of Spain would go into exile as allegations over his financial affairs continued has been talked about for weeks. But, as he confirms his decision to leave the country he ruled for almost four decades, another subject of hot debate appears to have been laid to rest. The statement of Felipe VI on his father’s move appears to underline that the former monarch will keep the title of ”king”.

Juan Carlos is popularly called the ”King Emeritus” in Spain. His formal title remains His Majesty King Juan Carlos, a decision made at the time he abdicated his throne in June 2014 in favour of Felipe. However, as allegations continued to swirl in recent months, there has been debate about the possibility of him either renouncing or being stripped of his royal titles.

The words of Felipe VI that followed his father’s exile announcement appear to put that to rest. The statement calls Juan Carlos ”His Majesty the King Don Juan Carlos” and begins by underlining the historical and political importance of his reign. It has all the hallmarks of a message of support although it underlines the importance of the rule of law.

There is also no comment on the striking line in the letter of King Juan Carlos to Felipe, announcing his intention to live overseas. The former monarch says in his letter that ”I have been King of Spain for almost forty years”, a reference to his reign but also an emphasis of his ongoing royal role which continues with the words ”during all that time, I have always wanted the best for Spain and for the Crown.”

King Juan Carlos announced his intention to go into exile on August 3rd 2020 after months of speculation over his financial affairs. It is not known where the 82 year old will make his home.

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