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The Queen sends condolence message to President of Indonesia after earthquake and tsunami

The Queen has sent a message to the President of Indonesia following a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi last week.

The message reads:

I was extremely sorry to hear about the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi at the end of last week, particularly given these events happened so soon after the recent earthquake in Lombok.

Prince Philip and I send our sincere condolences to all those affected by the disaster and their families.

An earthquake with a 7.5 magnitude struck Sulawesi on Friday, 28 September; nearly 30 minutes later, waves six metres high hit the town of Pula as a tsunami raged through.

More than 66,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged following the tragedies.

The death toll following this dual tragedy is reported as 1,424 lives lost, with time running down to rescue survivors.

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