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The Queen responds to boy’s fifth birthday invitation

Shaan Dulay, a four-year-old student from the West Midlands, was so impressed by The Queen when he learned about her at school that he immediately began thinking up ways to meet her.

Dulay decided, after his mother told him that The Queen is likely very busy at Buckingham Palace, to invite her to his fifth birthday party on 25 June.

“I think you are the best Queen in the world,” Dulay’s letter begins.

“I really like your crown and the red cloak you wear; it’s like a superhero. I love horses just like you. I wish I could come and see your horses. That would be so amazing.”

Dulay’s letter ends with the invitation: “Can you please come to my house for my birthday? It is on June 25. I need to talk to you about horses, planes and the poor children. I can even make horse shaped biscuits for us to share. Pretty please. Love Shaan Dulay. Age 4.”

Dulay began to lose hope when he had not received any reply to his letter, but on 3 May, an envelope from Buckingham Palace came for him.

Dulay’s mother, Baljinder, spoke to Metro about the birthday invite and response.

“My heart was going when the letter came through the letterbox with the Royal Seal on it – I was starting to worry she might actually come.”

“When I picked up Shaan from school I said to him, ‘There’s been a letter come for you today,’ and he just said, ‘Oh, from The Queen?’”

Baljinder shared the Palace’s reply with Metro.

“Although unable to accept your invitation to come to your house for tea, because of her very busy schedule, The Queen greatly appreciated your kind thought for her, and Her Majesty was pleased to learn that you too like horses,” read the reply from one of The Queen’s ladies-in-waiting.

Enclosed with the letter was information about The Queen for Shaan.

“He was so amazed – although he couldn’t hide being a bit disappointed that she wasn’t coming,” Baljinder said.

However, Shaan is pleased that he received a letter from the Palace.

“He loves it. He keeps getting me to read it out to him over and over again.”

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