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The Queen is a fan of “Pointless”

Famously, The Queen is remarkably tight-lipped about a number of her opinions on various political matters. In matters such as parliamentary elections, the EU independence referendum, the Scottish independence referendum, and Australian republicanism, Her Majesty is very practised at keeping her cards close to her chest.

On the other hand, we do know rather a lot about her personal interests and hobbies. We know she’s very fond of horses and is an avid attendant of the Royal Ascot. We know of her famous love for corgis — even if she’s retired from them now — and we know that she greatly enjoys driving around Balmoral Castle and Windsor Castle in a Land Rover. We even know that she enjoys watching Coronation Street and Countdown, that she frequently plays Scrabble with the Duke of Edinburgh, and she enjoys reading detective mysteries.

Now, it seems, she’s been revealed to be a fan of quiz TV show Pointless.

The Queen’s viewing of the show had first been suggested by sources close to Buckingham Palace. Show host Alexander Armstrong was the first real confirmation of the rumours.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, one source revealed that she encountered the show after turning to BBC One to watch the BBC One News at Six, which The Queen watches frequently and is preceded by Pointless. Despite being reportedly rather bad at trivia games herself, the show has struck a chord with Her Majesty, and she now watches it frequently.

Armstrong later corroborated the source in a Radio Times interview, where he said a Palace insider affirmed that Pointless was indeed on Her Majesty’s TV viewing schedule.

It’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see The Queen make a guest appearance on the show herself. However, it may make other fans of it rather chuffed to know that they can count on the Head of the Commonwealth amongst their ranks.