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British Royals

The processions that will start the Coronation

The Coronation will be filled with history and pageantry. Several processions will make their way into Westminster Abbey as the ancient service gets under way.

A procession of all the realms

Faith leaders will be the first to walk into the Abbey as the Coronation begins.

They will be followed by representatives of all of the Realms of King Charles III. Their procession will include a specially chosen flag bearer for each nation, holding the country’s emblem aloft, and followed by their Prime Minister and, where applicable, Governor General.

The flag of the United Kingdom will be carried by Cadet Warrant Officer Elliot Tyson-Lee who will be followed by Rishi Sunak and his wife, Akshata Murty.

The Procession of The King and Queen

The Procession of The King and Queen then follows. It will be led by the Marquess of Anglesey, the Duke of Westminster, the Earl of Caledon and the Earl of Dundee. They will bear aloft the Standards of the Quarterings of the Royal Arms and the Standard of the Principality of Wales.

An ancient Coronation tradition then takes a part in the procession. For centuries, the King’s Champion would defy anyone who denied the new Monarch’s right to rule, usually by riding into the Coronation banquet and issuing their challenge. That was stopped in the 19th century and they now carry a standard into the Abbey. The Dymoke family has held the role of Champion since the Middle Ages. Francis Dymoke will continue that tradition and carry the Royal Standard into Westminster Abbey as The King’s Champion.

Another tradition will be observed as the Lord High Constable of England walks in the Procession of The King and Queen. This role is held for one day only. For the Coronation of King Charles III, it will be taken by Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, Chief of the Defence Staff.

The Lord High Constable of England will walk with the Earl Marshal, the man who has overseen the organisation of the Coronation. The position of Earl Marshal is held by the Duke of Norfolk.

The Lord High Constable of Scotland will follow. The Earl of Erroll traditionally takes this part and has had his role in the ceremony upheld by the Coronation Court of Claims. The Earl of Crawford and Balcarres will be there, acting as Deputy to the Great Steward of Scotland. The Great Steward is the Prince of Wales.

The Coronation Regalia

There will then be two separate processions to the altar, conveying the regalia of The King and Queen. Firstly, Queen Camilla’s regalia will be taken forward. Baroness Helena Kennedy will carry the Queen Consort’s Rod, General Sir Patrick Sanders will bear The Queen Consort’s Sceptre, The Duke of Wellington will take forward Queen Mary’s Crown and The Rt. Reverend and Rt. Honourable the Lord Chartres will carry The Queen Consort’s Ring.

The Procession of The King’s Regalia will see General Sir Gordon Messenger, the Governor of The Tower of London, as Lord High Steward of England, carry St. Edward’s Crown to the altar. This will be used for the moment of crowning of His Majesty. Baroness Elizabeth Manningham-Buller will process with St. Edward’s Staff.

His Majesty’s Sceptre with Cross will be carried by The Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry and the Sceptre with Dove will be born by Baroness Floella Benjamin.

The Orb will be carried in procession by Dame Elizabeth Anionwu and The Sovereign’s Ring will taken forward by Brigadier Andrew Jackson, The Keeper of the Jewel House. Petty Officer Amy Taylor will process with the Sword of Offering. Penny Morduant, Lord President of the Council will bear the Sword of State in The King’s Procession. The Sword of Mercy will be taken forward by Air Chief Marshal the Lord Peach.

General The Lord Richards of Herstmonceux will carry the Sword of Spiritual Justice and General the Lord Houghton of Richmond will take the Sword of Temporal Justice. Lord Hastings and The Earl of Loudoun will carry the Coronation Spurs to the High Altar

The Coronation begins at 11am on May 6th 2023.

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