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The Prince of Wales presents campaign medal to soldiers back from Afghanistan

The Prince of Wales has presented medals to soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

Soldiers from the Welsh Guards, which His Royal Highness has been Colonel for since 1975, marched at the Elizabeth Barracks before being given medals by Prince Charles.

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The campaign medals are awarded to those who have played a role in the Post-2001 Afghan War.

The troops are returning from Operation Toral, part of NATO’S support mission to train and assist Afghan forces. As of December 2018, nearly 17,00 NATO Troops were taking part in the mission to help aid the Afghan Army. The United Kingdom provided the third-largest group of troops.

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Soldiers from the Number 2 Company, Number 3 Company, Support Company, and Headquarters company also received medals form other high-ranking Army officials.

After the parade was over, the Prince of Wales met members of the battalion as well as their families.

Samuel George Parry, a 23-year-old who served in Afghanistan for four months, said: “Today was a fantastic experience and it was really nice to have friends and family there as well.”

He added: “In Afghanistan we were in charge of the vehicles and were meeting with the government, helping them to develop their country.”

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The Guards will be participating in a homecoming parade through Cardiff on Wednesday the 20th to celebrate their return.

The Prince of Wales Company, the leading company of the Guard is nicknamed “the jamboys” as during the First World War the tallest men in the battalion were sent to the company and were given an extra ration of jam.

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The Welsh Guards are a historic unit, being formed by King George V in 1915. They have taken part in almost every British Army campaign since World War One.

Two members of the battalion have been awarded a Victoria Cross; one in WWI and one in WW2.