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The Duke of Cambridge will not attend the World Cup

Both the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry will not be attending the World Cup, which is due to be held in Russia.

The news comes from a royal source and means that this will be the first time in decades that no senior member of the Royal Family will have attended in person to support England.

One of the Princes had been there to support England in the last three tournaments held in Brazil, South Africa, and Germany.

Prince William serves as the President of the Football Association, English football’s governing body, and would usually be expected to attend the event or send a representative on his behalf.

However, following the attempted murder of a former Russian spy, Sergei Skripal, it seems that such a visit will not go ahead. Skripal is a retired Russian military intelligence officer who passed the identities of Russian intelligence agents who were working undercover in Europe at the time to the UK.

He was jailed in Russia in 2006 but was exchanged in a prisoner swap in 2010. He has been living in the UK since.

Skrripal and his daughter were found collapsed on the 4th of March. They are currently receiving treatment after being exposed to a deadly nerve agent.

Boris Johnson, the UK Foreign Secretary, said the UK would respond “robustly” if it were found Russia had carried out the attack. Such responses would include sanctions and requesting UK dignitaries not attend the World Cup.

Russia has denied carrying out the attack and said they would be happy to co-operate with the British police if required.

While a link between Russia and the attack has not been found, there are still no plans for them to attend currently. If a link were found, the Royal Family would be urged not to attend the event.