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Sussexes in South Africa: Final Day in Johannesburg

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex wrapped up their royal visit to Southern Africa on Wednesday in Johannesburg with a series of events focused on youth and entrepreneurship.

Beginning their day at the Youth Employment Services Programme in the township of Tembisa, Harry and Meghan met with young people and entrepreneurs to learn how they are combatting the high unemployment rate in the country.

In a speech, Harry said, “There is no doubt in my mind that you here at the YES hub are the future leaders and pillars of your communities – for many, you already are. You are the change-makers. You are helping to grow your country’s prosperity by lifting those around you and offering a better future.”

His full speech can be found here.

Per the Sussex Royal Instagram, Harry and Meghan were able to meet with a variety of entrepreneurs, including Chef Mish, a MasterChef winner, Moss, an organic farmer who provides produce to local restaurants, and the women behind Blossom Care Solutions who make 80,000 sanitary pads every month for the women in their communities.

The couple also took part in YES community training and tests to see how the programme helps young people gain valuable work skills for better job opportunities.

Meghan gave a speech as well, saying, “There’s so much ingenuity here, there’s so much promise here, that given the right level of support and resources that you need, the potential is astronomical, and you can see that there. And I think for you women, I’m so proud of you and the business you’re creating, and also being able to now control your own purse strings, because when you have that level of independence, my goodness you can do anything.”

Meghan’s full speech can be found here.

The couple then departed for a meeting with Graça Machel, the widow of former South African President Nelson Mandela. On their Instagram account, the meeting was described as a delight and gave the Duke and Duchess a chance to talk to Machel about “their shared passion for their work on equality and human rights.”

Upon meeting the royals, Machel was heard telling Meghan that “It’s wonderful meeting you. I’m sure we’re going to be working together in the future. I can feel the vibe.”

After their meeting with Machel, the couple travelled to a Creative Industries and Business Reception at the British High Commissioner’s residence where Meghan thanked South Africa for being a great host country.

“I can’t believe it’s almost time to say goodbye to this country.

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“From the moment we arrived we were greeted by the rhythm and energy of the Mbokodo girls in Nyanga – and I knew that this trip was going to be something incredibly special. So, just begin by saying thank you to all of the people we’ve met – on behalf of both of us, and of course Archie – we are so grateful. This trip has meant so much to us as a family, but also to me personally.”

She continued:

“In a world that that can seem so aggressive, confrontational, and dangerous, you should know that you have the power to change it.

“Because whether you’re here in South Africa, at home in the UK or the US, or around the world, you actually have the power within you to change things, and that begins with how you connect to others.

“I have learned from the people I’ve met here, that whether it’s about society’s expectations of masculinity or femininity, or how we divide ourselves by race or faith or class or status- everyone has value, and everyone deserves to be heard and respected.

“And if you live your life in that way, your generation will start to value each other in ways the rest of us have not yet been able to do so.

“Over the past 10 days our family has had emotional moments, we’ve has poignant moments, we’ve had spiritual moments; we’ve met inspirational leaders in every walk of life, and we’ve been treated to incredible food, music, and dancing, but above all, we have been able to meet the people that are the rocks behind the sort of work that really means a so much to us. It has been affirming to learn that we’re not alone in the things that we believe in, and the principles we hold so dear.

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“No matter how different our lives may seem – Africa, you have made us feel part of your community, of our shared community.”

Her Royal Highness’s full speech can be found here.

Following the reception, which saw Harry and Meghan meeting South African and UK business and cultural leaders to celebrate the important relationship that exists between the two countries ahead of the Africa Investment Summit which will be hosted by the UK in 2020, the couple paid a visit to President Cyril Ramaphosa and his wife, Dr Tshepo Motsepe.

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The couple then departed South Africa for the UK, along with baby Archie.

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