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Why the Duchess of Sussex says “no” to Social Media

In a panel discussion for International Women’s Day, the Duchess of Sussex revealed that she is not one to engage with social media whether it’s positive or negative.

Perhaps one of the most photographed faces in the world since marrying Prince Harry last spring, Meghan took the chance to speak on how she deals with the plethora of news pieces about her.

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During a discussion at King’s College London, the Duchess sat alongside singer Annie Lennox, former Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard and Gurls Talk founder Adwoa Aboah to discuss a number of issues facing women in today’s society.

The Duchess revealed that she does not read newspapers or engage with Twitter. A move that she believes helps her focus on what’s most important, the causes in which she supports.

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The former actress said:  “I don’t read anything, it’s much safer that way, but equally that’s just my own personal preference, because I think positive or negative, it can all sort of just feel like noise to a certain extent these days.”

She then went on to add that the “noise” of social media makes her feel “muddled” and takes the attention away from the real causes she is trying to support.

Speaking to the audience of about 140 students and activists, Meghan spoke on how it’s ones choice to engage with social media.

“It’s our responsibility to make a choice on what we click on, we make a choice of what we read, we make a choice of we engage in, that’s our personal decision to not be there for negativity, to be more positive and action based.

“And that for me that’s a tricky one because I’m not part of any of that.”

Meghan’s announcement about not engaging with social media comes just days after the Royal household revealed that it would block those on social media who target the royal family in an unsuitable way. It’s been rumored that Kensington Palace staff have spent hours moderating online abuse that is aimed both at the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge.