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The Sussexes

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex head to Melbourne

Another day away from Sydney, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex headed to Melbourne to spend the third day of their tour of Australia.

The day started with a quick flight over, before they greeted locals at a walkabout in the ground of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Sophie Wealands, 8, met both Harry and Meghan and gifted them with a hand-drawn picture.

“Harry and Meghan came by and I gave them my drawing,” said Sophie.

The picture she drew “of the both of them” was done this morning and took 15 minutes. It featured Meghan decked out in diamonds.

Sophie. Photo: Laura Keily

Sophie lined up with her mother, sister, and aunt to witness this opportunity.

Her mother, Meaghan Wealand, added that she saw Diana, Princess of Wales years ago and “wanted them [her daughters] to see them.”

Meghan even complimented Sophie’s art skills saying she is “really talented.”

Meghan greets Sophie and receives a picture from her. Photo: Laura Keily 

From there they went to the nearby Government House for a reception with the Governor of Victoria, the Honourable Linda Dessau AC and Mr Anthony Howard QC.

Young leaders from the Victoria region were in attendance, including Hunter Johnson who was previously awarded as a Queen’s Young Leader. He founded The Man Cave, a mental health initiative that deals with the toxic atmosphere around perceived masculinity.

Ambassadors from the This Girl Can campaign gave demonstrations of a variety of sporting activities in the grounds of Government House.

On Friday local time, Prince Harry and Meghan will be back in Sydney for a visit to Bondi Beach to meet the local surfing group, OneWave and another walkabout. That afternoon, the Duke will climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge to raise the Invictus Flag, along with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Invictus competitors.