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The Sussexes

Prince Harry’s engagement with Jon Bon Jovi missing from the Court Circular

The Duke of Sussex’s engagement with Jon Bon Jovi at Abbey Road Studios on Friday was missing from the Court Circular as published in The Times of London.

Amateur royal historian and scholar of the Court Circular, Cepe Smith, spotted the omission .

When asked whether this means Harry’s visit wasn’t an official royal engagement, Mrs Smith tweeted: “Yes, which doesn’t seem right to me as it was for Invictus. We may have a late entry – that will be available on Monday.”

She added: “We are in untested waters and that does lead to uncertainty.”

King George III established the Court Circular in order to list all of the official engagements carried out by The Royal Family for the benefit of the press.

Private engagements that are not carried out on behalf of The Queen are not listed in the Circular.

However, Friday’s visit bears all the hallmarks of an official engagement, with Buckingham Palace organising the event and accrediting a large number of journalists & photographers.

It is probable that the omission is a mistake, however, one cannot be certain due to the complexity of the Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s impending departure as senior royals.