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The Sussexes

Prince Harry is a big kid racing remote cars at driving challenge

After unveiling the new memorial for ANZAC Saturday morning, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex headed to Cockatoo Island to the Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge.

The Duchess changed her outfit from the Emilia Wickstead dress to Australian brand, Mother Jeans, an Invictus polo and Altuzarra jacket for an afternoon on the small island located in the Sydney Harbour.

Prince Harry also changed from his uniform to an Invictus shirt.

Upon arrival, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent a lengthy time being shown around and talking to some of the teams and Invictus officials.

The driving challenge first was formed in 2014 during the inaugural games in London.

The drivers have to manoeuvre the I-PACE, Jaguar’s first fully electric car, through three different obstacle courses including a water course, a speed course and placing the car into a perfect square the same size as the vehicle.

The Duke and Duchess handed out the medals as well as taking a look at the children’s course – complete with miniature versions of some of the cars.

Jamie Samhan/Royal Central

Both the Duke and Duchess handed out the first medals of the games. France came in first, followed by Australia and then the United Kingdom in last before posing with all the medal holders for a formal picture.

Unlike last year, the Duke did not opt to drive one of the mini cars but did try his hand at the remote cars that three of the youth were driving.

Meghan looked a little unsure what to do with the remote, but Harry took to it quickly, shouting “Come on” when he flipped his car.

He ran to quickly flip it back over and keep on playing. The Duchess had to give him a slight nudge when it was time to move on as the Prince flashed back to his childhood.