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The Sussexes

Prince Harry comforts young boy who lost his mum

It’s a feeling he knows all too well – that of losing a parent at a young age and growing up without a mother. Losing a beloved parent automatically initiates you into a club that no one enters into voluntarily.

While in Auckland, New Zealand, a young local boy presented the Duke of Sussex with a letter he had written, which Harry tucked safely away in his pocket. The child’s grandmother told the Duke that her grandson looked up to him because of the loss of his own mother when he was nearly one.

The Prince asked, “How old were you when you lost your Mum?”

The young boy told him that he was just one to which Harry replied, “So you’ve written this letter to me? I’m going to save it. Don’t you worry about just having one parent.”

The Duke of Sussex, who was just 12 when his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales was killed in a Paris car crash, went on to encourage the young lad by telling him things would all work out.

Harry said, “Life will always be alright, you know that?

“I made it to 34-years-old, and life is great. I have a beautiful wife and a baby on the way.

“Your life is going to be sorted. Don’t you worry about that.”

The touching exchange between the Prince and young New Zealand boy was caught on camera and shown by Australian New Corps and quickly went viral on Twitter.

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