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Prince Harry admits to being bullied on the rugby field

It’s difficult to imagine anyone wishing to beat up or seek to injure Prince Harry. He’s a tough, former military man, in great shape who, despite his security detail, knows how to take care of himself. Plus, he’s shown how great he is with children and people from all walks of life. Why would he be made a target for bullies?

Unfortunately though, while at Eton, fellow students would rough him up while playing rugby. Harry, a qualified rugby coach and avid fan, talked about the violence he suffered in school in a new documentary Beyond The Tryline.

Prince Harry said: “People would see me on the rugby field as an opportunity to smash me up, and actually, there were people in my own school during inter-house rugby competitions that would beat me up, not beat me up but would put in bigger tackles because it was me.”

He admitted it wasn’t as bad when he played other schools because there was more mutual respect. All the players would shake hands, and their matches would be more competitive in a more sportsmanship manner.

He continued by saying: “But certainly in school, inter-house is where I got injured the most.”

Harry received injuries while playing, which he describes in the documentary. One, in particular, he received when his shoulder became messed up after being tackled by a group of players from the opposition, and this was when he wasn’t even in possession of the ball.

“So look, I mean I was always prepared to take a few hard knocks. I like to think I managed to give a few back as well,” he said.

Prince Harry is currently wrapping up a two-week Carribean Royal Tour. He just celebrated the 50th anniversary of independence in Barbados. The final stop on tour is the South American country of Guyana. The tour will end on Sunday, 4th December.