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Meghan for President? True Royalty discusses the possibility

She’s the American member of the British Royal Family who did not shy away from sharing her political views before marrying into the Firm. Members of the Royal Family are supposed to remain politically neutral, but what happens when an outspoken American joins their ranks?

The Duchess of Sussex has not broken protocol as much as many have claimed, but she has brought her American flair and personality into her royal duties.

In their latest documentary, True Royalty delves into the question of Meghan one day becoming the President of the United States. Is it possible? Could it happen? Find out in their new programme Meghan for President? with exclusive footage of a young Meghan protesting that has not been seen before!

She organised a protest of the Gulf War when she was younger after a friend was upset that his brother was being sent overseas to fight.

True Royalty explains that this documentary “looks at the claim in light of Meghan Markle’s past political activism and her actions in the role of Duchess of Sussex. Speaking to her university friends, childhood school principal, and a plethora of expert Royal commentators, this wide-ranging programme asks just how far – and how grandly – Meghan has planned her future.”

Her lifelong charity work is also focused on, and the documentary talks to her sisters in Kappa Kappa Gamma about her philanthropic efforts. They explained she was always one of the first to volunteer to help.

True Royalty further explains, “What is the endgame? At this point it is hard to say, though many commentators point to the possibility that Harry and Meghan could take a take a step back from Royal duties to live in America – either temporarily or permanently – a series of events that would further fuel speculation about an eventual Presidential run for the Duchess of Sussex.”

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