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How will the Duke and Duchess of Sussex earn an income?

Now that her days of Suits and fashion line collaborations are over, how will the newly married Duchess of Sussex earn an income alongside her husband, Prince Harry?

As of this point, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are living at Nottingham Cottage located within the walls of Kensington Palace. As long as they are at a royal residence and full-time working royals, The Sovereign’s Grant given to The Queen annually will pay for things like rent and utilities.

Prince Harry’s father, The Prince of Wales, is also entitled to the profits of the Duchy of Cornwall. Started by Edward III in 1337, the duchy was created to provide an income to the heir. The value of the duchy is over £1 billion, although Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall only take the net revenue surplus that comes in over £20 million which he pays voluntary taxes on.

With this money, Prince Charles then provides a salary for his sons and their families in return for carrying out official engagements on behalf of the monarch.

Once Prince Charles becomes king, the Duchy of Cornwall will be inherited by Prince William for him to support his own family as it grows. Prince Charles will then take on the Duchy of Lancaster.

The Duchy of Lancaster is a private estate, consisting of 18,433 hectares of private land across England and Wales, which is currently owned by The Queen. It comprises commercial, agricultural and residential properties, in addition to a significant portfolio of financial investments and urban residences.

The net value of the Duchy of Lancaster is around £518.7 million to which The Queen receives about £19.2 million to fund her family. As of this point, Her Majesty uses that money for working members of the Royal Family like the Duke of York, Princess Anne, and the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

When Prince Charles takes on the Duchy of Lancaster, it will be his duty to then support the Duke and Duchess of Sussex through it, including other senior working members of the family. It is well known that Prince Charles’ vision of the future includes a slimmed down version that already cuts out his nieces, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and could consist of his own siblings as the years go on.

Prince Harry also has the inheritance he received from Diana, Princess of Wales and Meghan has all of her income from being a successful actress over the years that will help support the couple.