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The Sussexes

Duke and Duchess of Sussex in talks to live in South Africa for four months out of the year

According to an exclusive report in The Sun, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in talks to live in South Africa for four months out of the year. Botswana is said to be a close second. Both countries are members of the Commonwealth.

The Duke of Sussex is a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, and the Duchess supports him in his role, making a temporary move to different Commonwealth countries a natural fit for their roles.

The move to an African country could happen as early as next year, but Buckingham Palace stressed reports are just speculative at this stage.

Both The Queen and Prince of Wales are said to be on board with the African move, according to The Sun.

A royal source told The Sun, “Harry and Meghan are very much engaged in these plans, although the move isn’t planned until next year or 2021.

“The idea is they will spend between three and four months every year based in an African country, where they would work and then use it as a base for travel.

“South Africa and Botswana are two countries on the shortlist that are considered the most likely.”

Recommendations for the African plan have been made in a confidential briefing document where proposals have been set out for the Duke and Duchess’s (and their baby who is due any day) future role.

The source added that a “briefing paper has been prepared and shared with a very small circle.

“They’re starting to look at how the next couple of years of their lives are going to be spent and looking at some long-term strategic planning. It’s all a part of a process.

“They have a vision of being ambassadors for the UK, representatives of the Commonwealth and pursuing the works and good causes they want to focus on.”

If plans for South Africa fall through, Botswana would be the next option. Botswana holds a special place in the couple’s hearts, and Prince Harry has called the country his “second home.”

The source stated, “They like the idea of being able to put roots down in a country, have a home base and really get involved and engaged in the community and country. Africa is an obvious starting point for Harry because of his affinity for the continent.”

Noting that things are still in the development stage, the insider added, “But how it is all worked out from the official side is still to be developed because these are such early-stage conversations, and we are not there yet.”

However, the security costs for a move have caused concern as eight full-time police staff would have to relocate permanently with Their Royal Highnesses.

“Taxpayers will likely have to fund this role to the tune of many millions of pounds a year.

“They will require a massive security detail, with at least eight officers based with them permanently. It would be much more expensive than their security bill in the UK.

“But the argument will be that the costs are worth it because this will be a good thing for Brand Britain, which we need at the moment.”

Sources close to the Duchess of Sussex also shut down claims the couple wanted to return to the United States and see Meghan one day serve as President, saying she has no political ambitions.

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