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An Overview of Prince Harry’s recent trip to Nepal

Prince Harry recently concluded his first trip to Nepal, where he visited a Gurkha camp, went trekking, and met earthquake survivors.

The tour, which started as a four day trip in the capital of Kathmandu, was later extended by six days to help rebuild a school, in an undisclosed part of the country, damaged by the earthquake last year.

Announcing the extention, he said: “The people I have met and the beauty of this country make it very hard to leave. Thankfully however, I’m not leaving yet! I will be spending the next six days in a remote village with a charity called team Rubicon,” Prince Harry said in his announcement on extending his stay.”

This is the first time Nepal has received a Royal visit since the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Royal visited in November 2000.

Prince Harry had long expressed his excitement over visiting the Himalayan country largely due to his admiration and respect for the Gurkha troop which he served with while in Afghanistan, and said Nepal holds a “special place,” mentioning his mother, the late Princess Diana, who visited the country in 1993.

While in Nepal he visited with earthquake survivors, helping to rebuild the tourism in Nepal that was badly damaged by the earthquake, having said: “I hope that everyone back home who took an interest in the tour can see that Nepal is a country that you really have to come and visit.”

Highlights of the trip include visiting the Red Cross, helping with the restoration of Patan Palace, a visit to the Golden Temple in Kathmandu, pretended to be a tiger, and being given the honor of being “village head man,” wearing a pheta turban to celebrate the honor.

Prince Harry seemed to genuinely enjoy his trip to Nepal, highlighting his conservation efforts, love of the military, interacting with locals and participating in local traditions. Charity work and tours such as this one are a big part of not only Prince Harry’s Royal life but his personal life as well. There is no doubt he is his mother’s child with continuous shows of softness and compassion.