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The Queen

Royal Cavalry of Oman to perform during Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations

The Royal Cavalry of the sultanate of Oman has been invited again to perform before her Majesty and other members of The Royal Family at the Royal Windsor Horse Show during the celebrations for her 90th birthday this May. The cavalry also performed at the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in 2012.

Two weeks before the scheduled performance, approximately 100 horses will be flown from Oman to participate in the show. Brigadier-General Abdulrazak Alshahwarzi is responsible for leading the cavalry who has been hard at work for four months in Oman. The cavalry is excited to showcase the Arabic equestrian tradition to a European audience. They will ride in Arabic civilian dress and colours.

Whilst the former senior director of music to both the Band of the Blues and Royals and the Band of the Scots Guards, Major Douglas Robertson has been working with the cavalry’s music section. Robertson served as head of directing events at the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Parade in 2002. He is now based in Oman, allowing him to bring his expertise to the cavalry’s music, which he has been working with for 3 years.

His team of bagpipers is made up of 28 young women who are eager to perform for the Queen. “The Queen’s 90th birthday is the chance for them to show the world what they can do. We want to come away with people saying, ‘Wow’,” Major Robertson said.

Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said fell in love with the bagpipes during his time at Sandhurt in the early ’60’s. He brought them bak to Oman. The Queen is an avid fan of them as well; her piper plays a selection of tunes for 15 minutes each morning.

Raida Soud Ali Albahri, 25, is a flute and piccolo player with the band. She wished the Queen a very happy birthday. She said the Queen is very popular with the people of her country. She mentioned she saw her during her visit to Oman a few years ago.