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Sophie dons army fatigues for special contest held in her honour

The Countess of Wessex paid a visit to the St John Moore Barracks in Winchester on Tuesday to watch the annual competition for the cup named in her honour.

The Countess of Wessex Cup tests military regiments in various challenges for the chance to win the prize. All of the regiments or organisations that competed are ones that Sophie holds honorary military appointments with.

The four competing regiments and organisations were RAF Wittering, The Royal Corps of Army Music, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps, and the 5th Battalion The Rifles.

There were three challenges: an assault course to test agility, strength and fitness; a swimming pool course to test teamwork and construction skills by building a life raft; and a gym session to test the skills required to put together an armoured vehicle, which Sophie personally tested and oversaw.

The last challenge, the armoured vehicle portion, is used by the British Army to recruit STEM students.

Ultimately, The 5th Battalion The Rifles won this year’s Countess of Wessex Cup.

Sophie tried out the assault course herself, climbing the rope ladder and a pole.

Sophie is the Honorary Air Commodore of RAF Wittering, Royal Colonel of 5th Battalion The Rifles, Colonel-in-Chief of Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps and Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal Corps of Army Music.

Members of the Royal Family are often given honorary military appointments across all service branches as a way to strengthen the ties and maintain links between the Royal Family and the Armed Forces.

Queen Elizabeth is the Head of the Armed Forces.

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