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Scotland fined for booing God Save the Queen at football match

The Scottish Football Association has received a fine of £4,000 after their fans booed “God Save the Queen” during a match last month.

During the World Cup qualifier at Hampden Park this June, Scottish fans booed “God Save the Queen” as it played for the English team.

While the United Kingdom’s anthem is “God Save the Queen,” Scotland uses a separate anthem for football games. The Scottish team uses “Flower of Scotland” while the English team uses the regular UK anthem of “God Save the Queen.”

Scottish fans were seen yelling obscenities, booing and making rude gestures to the other side as the anthem played.

This is the second time in less than a year that the Scottish Football Association has been fined for “improper conduct.”

The association was fined an even larger amount in November after the team displayed poppies on their shirts at Wembley in November.

Both England and Scotland wore poppies in defiance of a ban from FIFA. The match took place on Armistice Day – a day of remembrance to mark the day when the Allies and Germany signed an armistice to bring a stop to World War One.

FIFA fined England £35,000 for the wearing the poppies which are worn to commemorate and remember the dead from numerous conflicts.

Scotland received a much lesser penalty of £16,000 due to the fact they were the visiting team.

During a separate match against Serbia, the Welsh team displayed poppies and also received a fine.