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Rev. Michael Curry talks about Royal Wedding sermon

On 19 May, the world watched as Prince Harry married the love of his life Meghan Markle, the now Duchess of Sussex. The grand event took place at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, where celebrities and royalty came to witness true love. Fans lined the streets of Windsor where they could get a glance at the couple during the carriage procession, while some lucky ones were invited inside the castle grounds to observe history.

Alexi Lubomirski/PA handout

During the wedding ceremony, Bishop Michael Curry presided over the wedding, alongside the Archbishop of Canterbury. Curry’s role in the ceremony was groundbreaking. When his office received a call from the Archbishop of Canterbury to take part in the Royal Wedding, Curry thought it was a joke. Upon realising it was not an April Fool’s prank, Bishop Curry thought it a good idea to return the Archbishop’s phone call.  After accepting the task of speaking at the Royal Wedding, Curry was unable to tell anyone about the gig.

On social media, some viewers expressed how different it must have been for Episcopalpal Bishop from the United States to speak at the Royal Wedding. During his interview on the Today Show, Michael Curry commented that the topics covered in his sermon had been approved beforehand. Though The Queen was not as outwardly expressive throughout the sermon, her approval of it demonstrates her evolution as a monarch.

Kensington Palace released photos after the wedding, which truly show how in love they are. Photo: Alexi Lubomirski/PA handout

On NBC News’ TODAY, Rev. Michael Curry opened up about delivering the sermon at Saturday’s Royal Wedding. He explained, “Well at first I must admit to being a little bit nervous at the very beginning…but then I was speaking to a young couple who were in love.”  The whole sermon revolved around love. Later admitting that the love of Harry and Meghan had such an impact on the world. That global stage showed people that love is possible.