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Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen ‘danced around in circles’ after hearing that Zara had won a medal at the 2012 Olympics

Queen Elizabeth II

Zara Tindall has revealed that she dreams of being able to compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, having already tasted success in 2012 when she won a silver medal for Great Britain.

Princess Anne was the person tasked with presenting the medal to her daughter on the podium in the team equestrian event.

It is possible that the Princess Royal was the only member of The Royal Family to watch Zara compete, with other members being ‘too nervous’.

Former royal protection officer Richard Griffin said that Her late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, was “too nervous” to watch the event herself.

Speaking shortly after her death in September, Mr Griffin said that The Queen couldn’t face watching the event live, so went out for a picnic instead.

Mr Griffin said: “I remember once when I was up at Balmoral with The Queen, and Zara was competing in the Olympic Games, and looked like she was going to win a medal.

“And I thought I would be flying down to Greenwich to watch her get on, but the Queen said to me ”I’m just so nervous, I can’t face up to it. Let’s just go out for a picnic.”

“So we drove up to one of the mountainsides, one of the cabins and we had a little private picnic just the two of us.”

However, the late monarch could not wait any longer, so asked her protection officer to radio his colleagues, asking how her granddaughter had done.

Mr Griffin continued: “‘So I radioed them and found out she’s won the silver medal.

“I remember the Queen jut grabbed me and we were dancing around in circles on this hill in Scotland.

“That’s a memory that will stay with me for evermore.”